The objectives of the Trust are as follows:

  • To promote the conservation, preservation, care, protection and where desirable the restocking of native game birds and in particular the Grey partridge on the island of Ireland.
  • To promote the preservation and conservation of all Irish Wildlife, both flora and fauna, and all aspects of Irish natural heritage and culture and to improve and enhance the environment on the island of Ireland, and in particular, to conserve and establish a viable population of Irish Grey Partridge on the island of Ireland.
  • The translocation and /or restocking of former nature species of wildlife, flora and fauna that once inhabited the island of Ireland and are now extinct or extremely rare and, in particular the Irish Grey partridge.
  • The protection, conservation and improvement of all forms of flora and fauna and their habitats for the mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles and marine life, both past and present, native and/or introduced to the island of Ireland and in particular native Irish game birds and to encourage the promotion of education, learning and public awareness on all aspects of Irish wildlife, flora and fauna, their habitats, the environment and the natural heritage and culture of Ireland, both present and past, with particular emphasis on the Irish Grey Partridge and native Irish game birds in general.
  • The promotion of co-operation for the improvement of the environment of all of the parts of the Island, including both North and South.
  • The establishment of conservation programmes and initiatives for the reintroduction, establishment and/or restocking of very rare or extinct species of flora, fauna, wildlife and game birds on the Island of Ireland.
  • The acquisition and management of nature reserves and habitats and the re-establishment of old habitats, environmental important or sensitive areas and/or lands available for scientific research or educational needs for the future of Ireland’s wildlife, and in particular, the Irish Grey Partridge.


The Trust shall aim to achieve these objectives by raising funds, undertaking research and through the promotion of education and awareness with regard to the conservation of Irelands Wild Game Birds.